February 2014 Board of Trustees Work Session Minutes

May 10th, 2014

Board of Trustees Work Session Minutes

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hillcrest Elementary (Cafeteria)

3:30 PM  

Trustees Present: Vice-Chair Danny Gill, Cindy Landen, Cheryl Garnett, Terry Fasel, Cassandra Denmark, Jimmy Nelson 

Staff Present:  Superintendent Jesse Jackson, Angela Heyward, Marie Cherrington-Gray, Brian Fisher, Julio Acevedo, Ken Henson, Donna Dunson, Damien Moses, Gail Quam, Paula Alford, Mary Beth Claypool, Deirdre Mithaug, Anuj Saran, Jennifer Barrow, Stacie Padgett, Barbara Jones, Kim Griffiths   

Others Present: Brenda Brader, Robin Gibson  

I.          CALL TO ORDER                                                          Jesse Jackson, Superintendent

The meeting was called to order at 3:43pm

II.  FINANCIAL REPORT                                                                      Brian Fisher, CFO

A.  Monthly Financials

The financial report was provided by CFO Fisher.  On the balance sheet our total assets for the month of January increased by $62,000 for all funds.  Revenues outpaced expenditures.  We received and posted the first  installment for K-Support.

General Fund Statement of Operations ending in January shows our state revenues running ahead of the budget.  Reimbursement through the Foundation has been received. On the Subsidiary Schedule – last month’s deficit of $350,000 is now down to $30,000.  Trustee Fasel:  Is the Pre-K enrollment numbers included in our school enrollment?  CFO Fisher:  No, this is not a part of our FTE.

Transportation – We are waiting on our fall survey certification.  We have been receiving funding since July, but the actual amount of funding will be trued up after it is certified.

Food Service – The school lunch program is still showing very strong financial numbers for the year.  We have a fund balance of $118,000 and we are only ½ way through the year.  However, the Pre-K food program is running a deficit of $14,000.  Under the current model we are not able to run a balanced budget on this program.

Superintendent Jackson:  This is partly due to timing and we are not able to change at this time.  We are also currently paying a sponsor, however we will look into our own sponsorship in the future.  We’ll present an appeal to the Foundation Board to possibly supplement some of this cost.  We have a tab but the families need our help.  Vice-Chair Gill:  We have a third party sponsor?  CFO Fisher:  Yes, this is a 13%-14% cost to us.  Even with a sponsorship we might still lose money.  Trustee Nelson:  Where are the kids being fed?  Principal Henson:  Kids are fed at all of the schools except Bok.  The LWHS will discontinue this on March 1st – they have the highest deficit.  CFO Fisher:  We use the same methodology to track these cost as we do for the Central office food service budget at this time.  Trustee Nelson:  How does the third party work?  Principal Henson:  The third party handles the paperwork and SLA handle the food.  Vice-Chair Gill:  Can we take this over without overwhelming the system?  Principal Henson:  Yes, in the future a part time employee might be able to assist.  Trustee Nelson:  If we remove the third party will this take care of the deficit?  Principal Henson:  No           Superintendent Jackson:  The potential challenge in this case is the cost back to the families.  We will need to track the cost and determine what amount to chargeback to families or possibly eat the cost.  We feel this is very important because it involves some of the neediest families in our system, and we do not want to have a food issue.

Financial Schedule – Federal Programs:  We have spent about 45% through January 31st, and we a running a little behind on expenditures.

B.  2013-2014 Revised Budget Package – 02-2014 Budget Amendment Resolution

The Revised Budget Package is an update from our adopted budget back in June incorporating known and projected budgetary changes up until now.  It is also a snapshot of where we expect to see ourselves by the end of the year.  The Executive Summary:  Our FTE is projected at 4,019 students.  We do expect to have final numbers showing an increase of about 20 more students.  On pg.6 the funding is on an uphill trend.  The incremental funding per student increased by $174.  We have received the Bok capital outlay funding this year with little variation.  This grew substantially – 171%, which will offset the current debt service for the mortgage and portables.  Pg. 3 shows where the money is coming from state sources, federal entitlements and the food service program.  We have had changes to the operating cost due to enrollment changes and technology.  Trustee Fasel:  When did the schools do reports?  CFO Fisher:  Jan/Feb is when the schools worked on their budget even though we did not have the February FTE counts yet.  We also had our salary adjustment, this is our second year of our three year commitment.  Transportation Schedule:  This is embedded in our general fund operating budget.  Please pay attention to the cost we incur, the projected expenditures, and the charge-backs to individual schools.  Superintendent Jackson:  Let’s look at Bok and the High Schools numbers ($176,443 for Bok; $266,208 for LWHS).  These are the dollars their students generate for transportation.  Every change in transportation has a huge cost associated with it such as the mileage, the routes, and the route times.  We pay a lot more for this service than the funding we receive from the state.  Bok is paying a mortgage and also a large transportation cost.  Everything has a cost and they all have a profound impact on the budget.  CFO Fisher:  Where we started last Spring with transportation cost and where are today has opened our eyes to dig deeper.  We are looking at personnel and also route distribution.  Superintendent Jackson:  We now have a greater cost than the revenue.  We will have field trips etc., however we will need to work within our means.  CFO Fisher:  The General Fund has a projected $138,000 deficit.  Our Federal Programs and NSLP (National School Lunch Program) is projected to have a surplus of nearly  $250,000 at June 30, 2014.  This is summarized in the resolution you have in your package.  We will ask for Board approval this afternoon.

C.  Personnel Changes

The personnel changes you have received and reviewed will be an action item for the board this afternoon.

III.  ATTORNEY’S REPORT                                            Robin Gibson, General Counsel

A.  Litigation Update

The Burney Hayes case is in court today.  This is the first day of the trial.  This does not affect the LWCS.  This case is in court because the State Attorney brought charges.  Ms. Blum will be with us today for the 3rd time.  Allegedly a complaint was filed with DOAH, however Ms. Blum’s attorney Ms. Lias advised she has nothing to do with that part.  We will hear from Attorney Lias this afternoon. 

I will speak at this time as our Foundation Chair:  Success has outgrown our volunteers.  We have created a Development Director position from a previous position that will be fulltime.  The Foundation will take care of a part time position to assist the Development Director.  Our new Director will start March 3rd and will speak with us at the next Board Meeting.  We look forward to our new Director.

IV.  SUPERINTENDENT’S  REPORT                                            Jesse Jackson, Superintendent


Presented for review and approval at the February 18, 2014 Board of Trustees Meeting.


Dale R Fair Babson Park Elementary – Principal Kenneth Henson

Our 5th graders went to Kennedy Space Center today.

Hillcrest Elementary – Principal Jennifer Barrow

Our Evaluation System has been embraced by the teachers and our students are doing well.

Polk Avenue Elementary – Principal Gail Quam

We are reviewing our Polk Avenue data and have partnered 5th graders to share with 2nd graders.  This has been great bonding and growth from the students.

Janie Howard Wilson Elementary – Principal Barbara Jones

FL Writes testing – 4th graders.  We have 4 out of 6 of the DAR Essay contest winners at JHW.

Edward W Bok Academy – Principal Damien Moses

Our application went online Feb.7th… we have received 600+ to date (6th – 500, 7th – 70, 8th – 38).

Superintendent Jackson: How many can we accept?  Principal Moses: About 200

Lake Wales High School – Principal Donna Dunson

Band Competition – 1st place in percussion, we have not seen that over the past ten years!  Boys basketball game in Orlando tonight.   


The March Board of Trustees Work Session and Board Meeting will be Monday, March 17, 2014 at Dale R. Fair Babson Park Elementary. The Work Session will begin at 3:30 PM and the Board Meeting will begin at 5:00 PM.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  OTHER V.  OTHER BUSINESS FOR THE GOOD OF THE CAUSE

Trustee Nelson:  Any movement from the state on Bok?  Superintendent Jackson:  We are working with a few folks who are assisting us in pushing this forward.

Superintendent Jackson:  I visited the Adult Daycare building in town and see many great possibilities for it with our career academies at the High School.  This building could be used for clinical, career planning, etc.  I do plan on meeting with the city again on this building.  It will be a great partnership with the city for this building.   This building will be good for academic programming and we will be able to get capital outlay for this.


Meeting adjourned at 4:51pm 


Respectfully Submitted,

Marie Cherrington-Gray, Corporate Secretary

Board Approved:  March 17, 2014

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