Hillcrest Cotillion is fancy and fun

Nov 15th, 2012

LAKE WALES – Hillcrest Elementary’s Cotillion for fifth grade students was a fancy and fun affair with white tablecloths, proper place settings, formal dance steps … and some line dancing!

The Cotillion followed eight weeks of etiquette classes, which were provided as part of the school’s Positive Behavior Support program. The Cotillion gave students a chance to practice table manners, conversation skills and other etiquette lessons.

The event was help at HighPoint Church; parent-volunteers dressed in black and white acted as servers. Students wore fancy clothes, and enjoyed salad and spaghetti for lunch before hitting the dance floor.

PHOTO #1: Fifth grade students Antuan Marria and Grace Wines enjoy lunch during the Hillcrest Elementary Cotillion, at HighPoint Church.

PHOTO #2: Students and staff (including teacher Tammy Sheppard, facing the camera) partner up to learn formal dance, before enjoying more familiar line dancing.

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“Our school incorporates the best technology, like iPads, into the instructional program to make it the highest possible standard.” – Joshua Collier, 10th grade, April 2012

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