Janie Howard Wilson Reaches Out to Families

May 2nd, 2014

photo          Janie Howard Wilson Reaches Out to Families

     Janie Howard Wilson faculty and staff visited Tower Pointe this week to spend time with students and families while they participated in a variety of bubble activities.  Students created bubble shapes, bubble windows, walls, statues, and measured table bubbles.  Staff members guided visitors in asking or answering scientific questions as to how the bubbles were created and why the bubbles increased in size or popped.  Teacher Nichole Perrett stated, “I was ecstatic to see so many Tower Pointe community members join us as word spread we were having a bubble night.  Students were so excited to see their teachers in their home complex.”

   Representing JHW on the Outreach Committee are Reading and Science Facilitators Liz Anderson and Nicole McClain, as well as teachers Leilani Lew and Sharon Kochanowski. Reaching out to the community is an important part of the school’s future mission. Principal Barbara Jones stated, “We are very excited to have the opportunity to extend our family outreach and partnerships in our community“.  Visiting Tower Pointe was the first of several parent nights which will also include visits to the Ranchettes, Carillon Place, and the B Street Community Center.

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