JHW blacktop ‘broken’ by 3D art

Feb 20th, 2013

LAKE WALES – A giant alligator broke through the blacktop at Janie Howard Wilson Elementary on Tuesday afternoon (Feb. 20), but students calmly watched as the reptile emerged from the playground surface.

Chalk art finished 02 20 13 WEB

Tracy Lee Stum, one of the country’s leading 3D street artists, created the image while students watched. Earlier in the day, she talked to small groups and explained the concepts behind 3D art and perspective drawing.


Art teacher Tiffany Weaver has been inviting artists to the school to help students understand how varied the art world can be. Paintings and photographs of each artist’s work is added to the school’s new gallery in the Media Center.


The cost of Stum’s visit was Chalk art1 02 20 13 WEBsponsored by business partners Dr. Willard Pearce, Paul Gerard, and Weaver, McClendon & Penrod.


Chalk art2 02 20 13 WEB


Chalk art3 02 20 13 WEB





Chalk art4 02 20 13 WEB






Chalk art5 02 20 13 WEB








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