JHWilson hosts sand sculptor

Jan 10th, 2013

LAKE WALES – Palm Bay-based sand sculptor Jim Richardson spent several hours at Janie Howard Wilson Elementary on Thursday (Jan. 10) showing students that not all artists use paint and brushes.

Sculpting sand 01 13

Working under a canvas shelter, Richardson methodically turned piles of fine white sand into a dolphin, a castle and a fish while different student groups came to watch. He answered questions about his technique, and passed around photographs of more complicated sand sculptures that he has created in the past.


Fifth grade students Angellinda Morales (left) and Josie Blum show off one of Richardson’s sand castle photos.

In the audience 01 13 Angellinda Morales and Josie Blum

Art teacher Tiffany Weaver has been inviting artists to the school to help students understand how varied the art world can be. In the fall, three painters visited: modern artist Alberto Cruz, Haitian artist Patrick Noze, and folk artist Ruby C. Williams.


The Jahna Foundation Inc. sponsored the cost of Richardson’s visit.




Jim Richardson 01 13

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