Musicians create new instruments

Feb 13th, 2013

LAKE WALES – Janie Howard Wilson Elementary musicians are researching the science behind music, and finding ideas to inspire the designs for new instruments.

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Fourth and fifth graders are using technology to study musical science, and to engineer and design instruments. As part of the project, they must measure and build instruments , and eventually present their creations to classmates.


“Students must demonstrate how the instrument is played,” said music teacher Micky Caban. “They also will try to market or sell it to others by being persuasive. They must make it look presentable by painting it or decorating it for sale.”


The STREAM project involves science, technology, research, engineering, the arts, and math.

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What our students say...

“Our school incorporates the best technology, like iPads, into the instructional program to make it the highest possible standard.” – Joshua Collier, 10th grade, April 2012

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